Why Kajabi?

kajabi Jan 02, 2023


What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for digital entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to sell content and digital products online.

Kajabi was founded in 2009 and has grown steadily since then. They are constantly expanding their features to provide a full experience for business owners to package, promote, and showcase their knowledge to their audience.

The primary goal of Kajabi is a course creation platform, so their #1 priority is creating a seamless experience for your members and students.

Kajabi’s stats are pretty impressive: 

Over $4,000,000,000 transactions have been processed through Kajabi 

Over 300,000 products created through Kajabi

Over 100,000 businesses around the world use this platform 


What is included in Kajabi?

You’ll be surprised! Kajabi provides nearly everything needed to manage your online digital business. While other course or funnel platforms offer individual aspects, Kajabi offers it all, fully integrated and in one place.

Here’s Kajabi’s Main Features:

  1. Products: Integrated subscriptions, courses, and digital products
  2. Websites: Everything in one place
  3. Payments: Get paid on your terms
  4. Analytics: Smarter business moves with better data
  5. Email: Beautiful emails, now faster than ever
  6. Pages: The fastest way to create a fully-integrated page
  7. Campaigns: Automations you’ll actually use and enjoy
  8. People: Track your leads like a real business
  9. Communities: Customer relationships, transformed and monetized
  10. Mobile App: Your digital products and community, anywhere

Kajabi is everything you need, no plugins or integrations required.

>>Join Kajabi here for a 30-day FREE trial and test it out for yourself!<<


Who is Kajabi for?

Many Kajabi users are business coaches, consultants, and course creators. But there’s also public speakers, book authors, and experts in hundreds of different fields. Like health & wellness, fitness, social media, pets, parenting, mental health, sales, entrepreneurship, languages, education, guitar, and a whole lot more!

Kajabi is best for those looking to sell digital products, whether it’s an online course, monthly membership, digital download, or masterclass.

Look around at some of the biggest coaches or educators in your industry and you’ll notice something interesting: many of them are using Kajabi! The simplicity and ease of having everything in one place has brought over many top earning professionals.


What are the fees?

We’ll be honest here. Kajabi’s fees aren’t necessarily cheap; the basic plan is $149 if paid monthly or $119 if paid annually. However, when taking into account everything that Kajabi offers, the high level of customer service available, and the incredible team and community cheering you on as you hit each milestone, it’s well worth the cost!

>>View the full pricing charts here.<<

After the monthly charge, there is NO percentage of fees taken. You can connect to Stripe and PayPal (or even both), and you’ll only be responsible for the standard payment processing fees themselves.

If you’re just starting out and can’t afford the monthly cost, there are cheaper options available. Even just a Facebook Group and PayPal address can be enough to begin sharing paid content with your audience! However, keep in mind that many business owners end up coming back to Kajabi as their business grows, and it can take some time to transfer over existing courses and customers. So why not have everything in one place from Day 1?

Our recommendation is to tally up the costs of every software you’ll need to run your business. Other software hosts may appear cheaper in the beginning, but each additional expense adds up. Things like video hosting, sales pages, emails, carts, websites all come included with your Kajabi package. As well as fun bonuses like Kajabi Community, which can replace a Facebook Group, and Kajabi App, to allow members to watch content on the go.


Is there a free trial?

Luckily, there is! As a Kajabi Partner, we have a 30-day trial for you. Plus, join Kajabi using our link and get access to our $500 Value Bonus Experience! You’ll get templates, tutorials, and even a personal phone call to help you get started and set up ASAP. Yes, the entire Bonus Experience is available even while you’re on the free trial period.

Join below. Please forward your Kajabi welcome email to us at [email protected] to unlock your Bonus Experience!

(If you already have Kajabi and would like to purchase access to our Bonus Experience, feel free to be in touch.)

 >>Join Kajabi here for your 30 day FREE trial and access to our Bonus Experience (valued at $500)!<<


Does the basic plan suffice?

You can view the Kajabi plans and features here. There are some features, such as the affiliate program and advanced automations, that only unlock on higher levels. But for most new users, the Kajabi Basic Plan has everything you’ll need.


Is there customer support?

Yes! This is something that makes Kajabi stand above and beyond it’s competitors. Kajabi is there for you and wants to help you succeed. Whenever you have a question, you can reach out to Kajabi via email, phone, or chat with minimal wait times.

And if you ever need an answer ASAP, the Official Kajabi community is one of our favorite Facebook Groups! The members there are incredibly helpful, always quick to answer your post with recommendations, links, and tips.

And finally, Kajabi rewards milestones with their Kajabi Hero’s program. Each time you hit a benchmark (of total sales received and processed through Kajabi), you’ll receive a special package in the mail with a letter, swag, and pin, so you can proudly announce your accomplishments. The Kajabi Hero program recognizes those at the 1k, 10K, 50K, 100K, 250K, 500K, and 1M levels. It’s a lot of fun!


How long does it take to set everything up?

You can get started on Kajabi right away! You can easily connect any custom domain to your Kajabi account, and begin designing using the beautiful page builder.

Because Kajabi offers so much, some users can get a bit overwhelmed if they try to figure everything out at once. Our recommendation is to learn Kajabi slowly: start off with what you need now, and begin using their other features as you get more comfortable with the platform.

Kajabi has a full resource library and course content to help you get started. They also have a free 28 Day Challenge, if you enjoy learning step by step.

Plus, when you sign up using our link, you’ll get access to easy tutorials to make getting started a breeze!

>>Join Kajabi today and begin building out your website today!<<


Are there other programs or software I will need?

You can use Kajabi out of the box without any other software.

You may hear about other advanced entrepreneurs who use a combination of software, because it’s what they prefer. Such as using ClickFunnels for sales pages, SamCart for an external checkout, a Wordpress website, or a different email marketing provider. Our recommendation is to Keep It Simple: start off using one robust platform, and chances are, you won’t need to expand at all.

Here in Ecom Queens, we use Flodesk for email marketing and connect it to Kajabi using Zapier. And then we use Zoom for video calls, and Calendly for booking.

 Flodesk is a brand new women-founded email marketing company that everyone's talking about! It's like Mailchimp + Canva together: stunning templates for branded emails that match your personality. 

>>Join Flodesk today to lock in your lifetime rates at 50% off: just $19/month!<<


Can I customize Kajabi?

Kajabi Pages has a robust builder, with the option to add images, videos, links, forms, and much more. You can also customize individually for desktop and mobile for optimal viewing.

There is a full industry of Kajabi experts that can help if you need additional customization on your website, sales pages, or checkout pages. The Kajabi Facebook Group has a list of experts available for hire.


Do you have some examples?

Sure! Some well-known entrepreneurs who proudly use Kajabi for their courses are Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, Jenna Kutcher, and Brendon Burchard.

We also have a gift for you: our Showcase of Talent, a curated list of our top 150 Kajabi websites. This includes sales pages, blogs, lead magnets, and home pages, all divided by niche.

>>Grab our top 150 Kajabi Websites for FREE here!<<

What are the alternatives to Kajabi?

There are many alternatives to Kajabi. Each platform has it’s pros and cons, and specializes in different things. It can be stressful to evaluate all your different options when trying to figure out what’s the best fit for your business. Below we’ve compared some of the popular platforms to Kajabi.

You will notice a recurring pattern with many online reviews: for many, the only “con” to Kajabi is the price. That’s because while Kajabi may be higher at the get go, most reviewers will admit that they offer many more services for the price, and the simplicity and ease of having everything integrated into one dashboard makes the investment worthwhile.


Kajabi Versus Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels focuses on sales funnels first and foremost. You can use it for digital products, but many users sell physical products as well. The sales funnels can have multiple upsells and downsells, with the payment box prominently located on the actual sales page. However, ClickFunnels does not have 24 hour customer support or the same range of features as Kajabi has. They do not have the same comprehensive course and membership experience for customers.


Kajabi Versus Teachable

Teachable offers a free plan, and allows you to create an unlimited number of products on each plan. They are primarily a course creation tool.


Kajabi Versus Karta

Karta is first a marketing platform, and it also helps those selling physical products or services. Some find the Karta setup and configuration confusing.


Kajabi Versus Podia

Podia is a significantly cheaper option, while also more limited in scope. It’s geared for those just starting out. Membership or recurring payments do not come on Podia’s basic plan.


Kajabi Versus Thinkific

Thinkific offers unlimited courses and students on their Basic plan. They are a simple, effective, and affordable option for online course creators.


Kajabi Versus Wordpress

Wordpress is different from Kajabi or any of the platforms above. Wordpress is a popular website builder that is very bare bones and can be completely customized. Instead of paying a monthly fee, the cost is hosting, setup, and finding a theme. You’ll likely need to use a developer to initially create your setup and then any further changes down the line. Then, you’ll have to find and add plugins for everything: sale pages, checkout, forms, analytics, and more. It’s a lot more work than an all-in-one platform like Kajabi, but some course creators enjoy having everything custom built, and paying for development as opposed to monthly fees.


How do I get your $500 Bonus Experience?

Great question! As a Kajabi Partner, we created the Bonus Experience as a complimentary incentive for all users who join using our link. It's $500 worth of value, and to the best of our knowledge, one of the most robust Kajabi bonus offers out there! You will also get an extended 28 day trial to try this platform out.

The Bonus Experience has four parts: a 30 minute 1:1 Strategy Call with Brenda, 40+ Canva Templates for easy marketing, the Kajabi Fast Action Library of tutorial videos, and our Showcase of Talent with our top 100 Kajabi websites, blogs, and sales pages.

>>Sign up for Kajabi here for your 30 day free trial + access to our Kajabi Bonus Experience!<<

(Important: please forward your Kajabi confirmation to [email protected] to access your Bonus Experience.)


Whichever platform you choose, we wish you the very best in your digital entrepreneur journey!



Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.


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